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March 28 2024

EIT Digital & AiNed report: Netherlands to capitalize on generative AI promise

The Netherlands has the potential to play a leading role in the world of generative artificial intelligence (AI), according to a recent report by EIT Digital and the AiNed program of the National Growth Fund. The report, titled 'Generative AI: Europe's Quest for Regulation and Industry Leadership', emphasizes that with the right investments in AI startups, collaboration within Europe, and access to high-performance computing, the Netherlands can strengthen its position.

Generative AI, known from applications such as ChatGPT, has already had a significant impact on both the Dutch economy and society. The researchers suggest that by focusing on this technological advancement, the Netherlands can not only increase its Gross Domestic Product but also take a leadership role within Europe.

For the Netherlands to capitalize on this opportunity, a coordinated effort is needed from both the government and industry, as well as a strong commitment to European AI initiatives. The report highlights the importance of investments and innovation and calls for the establishment of a national generative AI testing facility to support development and research.

For more details, consult the full report 'Generative AI: Europe's Quest for Regulation and Industry Leadership', available through EIT Digital and AiNed.