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May 3 2024

Dutch public prioritizes combating fake news for AI research agenda

A study by Waag Futurelab and Ipsos I&O, commissioned by the Dutch AI Coalition, highlights the Dutch public's priority for AI research topics, emphasizing the fight against fake news and polarization.

The voice of Dutch society is clearly echoed in the latest findings from Waag Futurelab and Ipsos I&O, conducted in March 2024. This study, representative of the Dutch population, shows that 58% of respondents view the risks of fake news and deepfake technology as significant themes for AI research. This result is a clear call to action for the Dutch AI Coalition to prioritize these issues.

Furthermore, concerns about AI's impact on power dynamics and individual privacy are prevalent, with 37% of respondents indicating that the control exerted by AI experts and governments over AI applications needs scrutiny. There's also a highlighted need for transparency and accountability in AI applications, with 33% of participants calling for regulatory oversight on technology.


These research outcomes serve as a crucial foundation for the NL AIC's Societal program, leading to a refined focus on human-centered AI and responsible integration of AI into public services.

Read the full report here.