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April 15th 2024

Report: ‘Generative AI in Journalism’

A new report titled ‘Generative AI in Journalism,’ produce in collaboration with The Asdsociated Press has been published by Ai, Media and Democracy. This comprehensive study surveys news industry professionals on their current use and future desires for generative AI, exploring the ethical and practical issues surrounding its responsible deployment.

The recently published 'Generative AI in Journalism' captures a critical moment in the intersection of technology and media. Following the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI in late 2022, which significantly impacted the public and news industry alike, this report aims to document the ongoing engagement of the news industry with generative AI as of late 2023. It sheds light on how generative AI has begun to reshape news production, work structures, and ethical frameworks within the industry.

The survey conducted for the report reveals that generative AI is predominantly used in newsrooms for creating textual content, gathering information, producing multimedia content, and various business applications. It highlights a shift in work structure and the emergence of new roles across leadership, editorial, product, legal, and engineering domains to address the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI.

Ethical concerns form a significant part of the discussion, with issues such as bias, accuracy, and human oversight at the forefront. The industry is actively seeking ways to balance the advantages of generative AI with the imperative for ethical journalism. This includes discussions around the appropriate limits of AI use, particularly concerning the generation of entire articles.

Additionally, the report touches on the ambivalence within the industry regarding content rights, highlighting differing opinions on whether tech companies should be allowed to train their models on news organizations’ content. Some respondents are concerned about the commercial impacts, while others see potential benefits in improved accuracy and reliability that could serve the broader society.

The report concludes with a call for clearer guidelines, better training, and stricter enforcement to navigate the ethical landscape of generative AI in journalism effectively. As this technology continues to evolve, the industry's approach will likely require continual adjustment and vigilance to maintain journalistic integrity.

Readers interested in the full details and in-depth analysis can access the complete report through the link provided below: AI4DEM.