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March 27 2024

AI Act: Europe leads with trustworthy AI regulations

Europe takes a significant leap forward in AI regulation with the new Artificial Intelligence Act, aimed at ensuring safety, respecting fundamental rights, and supporting businesses in the digital age.
The Artificial Intelligence Act introduces stringent regulations for AI in Europe, prohibiting certain applications like social scoring and manipulation. It specifies rules for high-risk AI systems, including transparency and accountability measures, and supports SMEs through regulatory sandboxes. Severe penalties are enforced for non-compliance. This legislation aims to balance innovation with ethical considerations, marking a significant move towards a digitally ethical Europe.
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Report: ‘Generative AI in Journalism’

April 15th 2024

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A new report titled ‘Generative AI in Journalism,’ produce in collaboration with The Asdsociated Press has been published by Ai, Media and Democracy. This comprehensive study surveys news industry professionals on their current use and future desires for generative AI, exploring the ethical and practical issues surrounding its responsible deployment.

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NWO funding for VU's DoPredict Project led by VU professor

April 5 2024

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On March 26, 2024, the DoPredict research project, led by Professor of Biophotonics and Medical Imaging Marloes Groot at Vrije Universiteit (VU), received funding through the NWO's Open Technology Program. This project focuses on developing a system for quickly and easily predicting the outcomes of lung treatments by testing combinations of drugs on a small piece of patient tissue.

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NWO AiNed Fellowship grant awarded to Filip Ilievski

April 5 2024

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On March 21, 2024, Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence Filip Ilievski was awarded a 900k€ AiNed AI Fellowship for his project "Human-Centric AI Agents with Common Sense". The AiNed AI Fellowships are a competitive program by NWO designed to attract international AI talent to the Netherlands. This grant, along with internal and external co-funding, will enable Ilievski to assemble a team of six young researchers.

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