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20 November 2024

Report Medica Dusseldorf: through the eyes of a participant

On November 14th, 2023, Amsterdam AI, together with the ROM Utrecht Region and TINL partners organized a visitors program in which we organized a travel by bus to the Medica Conference in Düsseldorf. A participant who participated in this travel tells us about his experience at Medica 2023!
Eagerly seized the chance to join Amsterdam AI on a visit to Medica, the world's largest MedTech convention. As a freelance business analyst/product owner in health IT, this event promised invaluable networking and insights into the current market trends. Boarding the bus at Sloterdijk on Tuesday at 6:30, introductions began, fostering connections during the journey from Amsterdam via Utrecht to Düsseldorf. Networking opportunities started early, with a delicious breakfast on the bus and a round of company pitches. The bus also had a pre-trip LinkedIn group, enabling participants to familiarize themselves with attendees. Post-pitch, interactions intensified as people moved around, exchanged questions, and sought collaboration possibilities.

My primary objectives were to expand my professional network and explore advancements in medical technology, particularly digital health. Focusing on the IT health sector, I delved into the healthcare metaverse, innovative apps, and robotics during the four-hour visit. A virtual lab experience using a VR headset to prepare artificial cerebrospinal fluid further enriched my experience. Following the immersive exploration, we reconvened at the Dutch pavilion for cocktails and networking. The day concluded with a post-Medica dinner at a restaurant, marking the end of a rewarding experience.

Expressing gratitude to Amsterdam AI, Amsterdam Trade & Innovate, and ROM Utrecht Region for the well-organized opportunity, I also thank fellow participants for their engagement and getting to know each other.