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Research Lunch: AI in Local Journalism- Potential and Pitfalls
11 July 2024

Research Lunch: AI in Local Journalism- Potential and Pitfalls

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Over the last two decades, journalism has been transformed by technological advancements, causing significant economic disruption, among other challenges. Artificial Intelligence, the latest of these technologies, has triggered strategic responses from media organizations. This shift poses a particular concern to regional and local media organizations, as they are often at increased risk of being at the disadvantaged end of technological knowledge and adoption.
Nevertheless, local journalism remains vital, as the audience’s interests or concerns often focus on what is happening in their local communities and not solely on global or national issues. By covering regional events and contextualizing global/national stories, local journalism continues to support democratic dialogue.
What are the trends (with some interesting use cases!) and challenges faced by regional/local media organizations while adopting AI technologies? How can AI best support and enhance the news making process, while retaining agency with the journalists?