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Medical Data + Pizza Meetup
10 July 2024

Medical Data + Pizza Meetup

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This edition contains:
Adequate use of blood cultures in the emergency department using machine learning – S.C. (Sheena) Bhagirath | MD, PhD candidate Amsterdam UMC
- In this presentation, Sheena Bhagirath will discuss the application of AI with the aim of significantly reducing the number of inappropriate blood cultures in emergency departments. Together with its 'Acute-AI team' led by internist Prabath Nanayakkara, the goal is to improve the efficiency of patient care by reducing costs and minimizing the risks of overtreatment due to false-positive results.
Treatment Response Prediction in Major Depressive Disorder Using Multimodal MRI and Clinical Data – Maarten Poirot | Technical Physician, PhD candidate Amsterdam UMC
-In his presentation, Maarten Poirot will talk about the use of AI, brain scans and patient-specific clinical information to predict whether an antidepressant will work within a week. His work, together with Professor of Translational Neuroradiology and neuroradiologist Liesbeth Reneman, addresses the long waiting times that are usually required to determine the effectiveness of medicines. The current results are notable, especially given the WHO's expectation that depression will be the leading cause of disease burden worldwide by 2030.
The presentations are followed by discussions and networking opportunities, all while enjoying pizza.