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Audience Lecture Artificial Intelligence
27 May 2024

Audience Lecture Artificial Intelligence

During this event, Nanda Piersma, scientific director of the Center of Expertise Applied AI, will give the lecture Responsible use of AI: that is human work.

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It is not the intelligent technology itself, but the way in which people use technology that results in responsible application of AI. In this contribution, Nanda explores a number of scenarios in which technology, in particular AI, is used in a surprising way. Examples of hyper-personalization of advice, the right to be unseen and preventive enforcement, and examples of what digital representations can lead to are discussed.
From here the discussion can start about how we as a society want to interpret and use technology. How can we move from being a user of smart systems to a role as a client of supporting technology?

Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (entry 6:30 PM)
Location: Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) | Oosterdokskade 143 | 1011 DL, Amsterdam