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Food for thought inspiration session: the value of art in AI
April 18th 2024

Food for thought inspiration session: the value of art in AI

Join the "Food for Thought" inspiration session hosted by the Knowledge Centre FDMCI and CoE Creative Innovation at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. This month's session focuses on the value of art in the application of artificial intelligence, providing a platform for discussion and exchange on the role of art in AI technology.
The "Food for Thought" sessions are live lunch meetings held monthly at FLOOR on the ground floor of the Wibauthuis at the HvA. These sessions are intended for researchers, educators, and students interested in the latest developments in art and technology. The sessions are conducted in English.


In this particular session, various speakers, including members from the CoE Creative Innovation and the research group Creative Media for Social Change, will share their research and new insights on integrating art into AI. They will discuss how art can aid in ethically approaching technology and creatively employing AI in various contexts.


Speakers will also share results from a recent project conducted in collaboration with the Breitner Academy, involving students in developing creative interventions that explore the human-centric approach to digitalization. These projects provide insights into how art can enrich the dialogue around AI and offer a critical view of the social implications of technology.


Participants will have the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions and receive direct feedback from leading experts in creative innovation and AI. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how art and AI can collaborate to provide new perspectives and solutions for contemporary challenges.


For more information and to register, visit the registration page.