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Spotlight: Civic AI Lab
28 March 2024

Spotlight: Civic AI Lab

ICAI aims to showcase the lab’s innovative approach to harnessing artificial intelligence for the public good, focusing on crucial areas such as education, welfare, environment, mobility, and health. The Civic AI Lab stands at the forefront of addressing the dual-edged nature of AI technology—its vast potential to improve urban life alongside the risks of exacerbating inequalities. By delving into the challenges and opportunities AI presents, the lab commits to steering the development and application of AI towards enhancing equality and fairness within the cityscape. This initiative not only explores the technological and ethical boundaries of AI but also establishes a vital dialogue with residents and businesses, offering guidance and insights on navigating the evolving landscape of new technologies.
Event details
Spotlight: Civic AI Lab
28 March 2024 16:00-18:00
Lab42, Amsterdam Science Park (Room: L3.33)
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