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ICAI Day: AI Impact for Tomorrow
5 June 2024

ICAI Day: AI Impact for Tomorrow

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About the event
ICAI is excited to announce the upcoming ICAI Day, "AI Impact for Tomorrow". This event promises to be a vibrant platform for discussing how future AI technologies can be harnessed to not only drive advancements in the field but also to ensure these developments positively impact society. The event underscores the vital role of collaborative efforts, bringing together academia, industry, and government to craft a future where AI acts as a catalyst for good, propelling us towards a more sustainable, equitable, and interconnected world. The event is a collaboration between ICAI, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and
Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics.

12:00 - Registration with lunch
13:00 - Keynote speaker
13:45 - Coffee & tea break
14:00 - 1st roundtable sessions
15:00 - Coffee & tea break
15:30 - 2nd roundtable sessions
16:30 - Networking with drinks & snacks

Roundtable Topics
Topic 1: Green AI: Sustainable Computing and Efficiency: This topic shifts towards practical solutions in AI. Emphasising the importance of sustainable computing practices. It will explore innovative methods to reduce the environmental footprint of AI technologies, such as optimising algorithms for efficiency, utilising less data for machine learning processes, and leveraging renewable energy sources for computing power.

Topic 2: From Collaboration to Impact: Realising the Potential of AI Partnerships. This topic delves into the critical phase of translating collaborative efforts between academia, industry, and government into tangible societal and technological impacts. It focuses on understanding the mechanisms, strategies, and frameworks that can effectively convert AI research and innovations into real-world applications and policy advancements.

Topic 3: Fostering AI Talent for an Unknown Future: This topic focuses on innovation in AI talent and education. Recognises the critical need for educational systems and professional development programs to evolve, preparing individuals to thrive in the dynamic field of AI. This includes addressing how to equip the workforce with not only technical skills, but also the adaptability and foresight needed for an uncertain future.

Topic 4: AI for Sustainable Energy: Accelerating the Transition to Renewables: The transformative potential of AI in spearheading the shift towards sustainable energy sources. A critical endeavour in combating climate change. It delves into how AI can optimise renewable energy systems, enhance grid integration, and innovate in energy storage and distribution. Through leveraging the predictive and analytical capabilities of AI, this segment aims to illuminate the pathway towards a more efficient, resilient, and sustainable energy future.

Topic 5: Building Bridges: Fostering Inclusive AI: Societal Impacts: Underlines the imperative of integrating ethical considerations into the development and deployment of AI technologies. It signals a commitment to discussing and addressing the broader societal implications of AI, ensuring that advancements in the field are aligned with ethical standards and contribute positively to society.

Want to join ICAI Day? Make sure to register by filling out this form.
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